Monday, December 15, 2008

26/11 Attack in Mumbai

26/11 attack
The planning for the November 26 terror attack started a year ago, and security agencies had evidence of it – nine maps plotting the attack sites recovered from a Lakshar- e- Tayyeba terrorist arrested in Uttar Pradesh on February 10. But the evidence was buried in a bulky charge sheet.
The Mumbai terror attacks were in the works for at least a year. This was even more cleared when the interrogation report on Ajmal Ali abu Mujahid, who the media have been referring as Ajmal Amir Kasab, reveals that he underwent 21 days of physical training and Darsh -e- Quran at Lakshar - e- Tayyeba.
The main targets of terrorist attacks in Mumbai were Taj Hotel, Nariman House and Oberoi Hotel.
Terrorist were taught How to use automatic rifles, including AK-47s and M-16s, and pistols. And definitely they people succeeded in their mission. Security system in India is so poor can be seen by the attack in Mumbai. It was so easy for them to enter in the hotels like TAJ AND OBEROI. Some of their partners were already working in the Taj hotels. Terrorists took admission in some of the Mumbai colleges and they were residing in Mumbai for last 6 months before attack. Colleges didn’t even bother for identification. Neighbors didn’t bother who are living next to their door. This carelessness only leads to these kinds of attacks. On November 19 R & AW listeners picked up a satellite phone conversation regarding this attack that “we will reach Bombay between nine and eleven” but still no actions was taken 4m their side.
But we should not go only for the negative side. Many of our NSG commandos were dead in the attack to save people who were inside the Taj and Oberoi hotels and Nariman house. We should really praise them as they fought for the nation not for themselves. They gave up their life for the people whom they even don’t know.
But now India is rising. Everywhere candles are lightened for the soldiers who died. Many rallies are conducted to show solidarity with the terror victims in Mumbai. There were T shirts that said ‘I love Mumbai’; there were once said ‘enough is enough’ or ‘No votes no taxes, no protection, no security.’ All T-shirts were white, and every other person seemed wearing one in one of the rally conducted in Mumbai.
This all show that our Indians getting more aware for nation.

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