Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What is a crime? Who is criminal? The answer for these questions is very easy. Each and every body knows about crimes as this is the thing which is getting popular day by day in negative sense of course. Any deed against law is known as crime. And the person who has done a crime is a criminal. When someone violates the customs or laws then there is a procedure done against him or her to punish is known as criminal procedure or criminal investigation. The laws defined for a crime are criminal laws and breaking these criminal laws is a crime.

In today’s world in many democratic countries there is a rule of laws that the prosecution has to give proofs that the victim or defendant is guilty and if the diffidence proves that his/ her client is innocent and has not done any thing against law he or she is set free. Case is resolved in favour of the victim but in case if the prosecution proves the guilty has done crime with evidences then the case goes against the victim.

Sometimes it happens that the defendant can not appoint a lawyer for himself may be due to his or her financial condition or any other reason then a lawyer a appointed at “public expenses”. These countries are known as “court appointed lawyer”.

There is a huge difference between civil law and criminal law. May be it can happen that the defendant just has to pay a fine for the crime done by the victim. In a civil law the defendant can also ask for a compensation for the damage. But he can only ask if the action is not criminal. But if the standards of proofs are higher then the punishment can go up to being prisoned.

In criminal law, a defendant is not punished just because of someone’s feeling or intuitions, it need strong evidences. But in civil laws it weighs the proofs and according to that victim is punished. Criminal laws cannot be forgiven for example Murder is a crime and definitely these criminals can not be set free. Criminal laws are defined by government but civil laws can be defined by private parties.

In today’s superhighway information technology world crimes are getting very common these days. Using internet, its really easy to interact with the person sitting next to you or in the other country. CID is one of the department that deals with crimes like murder, cyber crimes, illegal drug dealing and using etc. Crime investigation department deals with the very complex cases. The CID would also undertake the investigation of specialized crimes that require technical expertise. CID always continues to live up to challenges coming to it.

May be the criminal mischief, assaults are solved by the uniformed troopers but some extremely complicated cases regarding crimes are solved by BCI department (Bureau of Criminal Investigation). BCI investigators work to solve different type of cases like: Felony crimes, Narcotics, Violent and serial crimes, Child abuse, Sexual exploitation, Computer and technology-related crime, Bias-related crimes, Auto theft, Consumer product tampering, Organized crime. In addition to all these works it also provides the needed resource for investigation to other departments.
Another branch that deals with these crimes is FBI i.e. Federal Bureau Of investigation. Federal Bureau Of investigation is the primary arm of United States. FBI deals with the federal crimes taking place around the any corner of the country.
One more department for dealing with crimes is Marine accident department which deals with the marine accidents or any criminal mischief if happening there.
Similarly there are many more branches of investigators which deal with crimes. The only reason for the increasing crimes is the lack of work. Everybody have to do something for his or her livelihood and just because of these crimes are increasing day by day. There is a proverb also “ empty mind is devil’s mind”.

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