Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dark Day

26th November will always be a  black day in the history of India .A day when we shaked by what happened in Mumbai , A day which prompted that our policies towards Terrorism .

Why India ?

In recent times, India has been second only to Iraq as the scene of terrorist outrages, averaging over a thousand terrorist killings annually in the last four years.

How ?

With help from Indian Citizens they were able to Enter our country .

Now i would not go in the details but i would like to make a point  , 

How come they stayed at the Taj for 3 days with no enquiry to who they are , Its not everyday that People come to Taj and book a room for 3 days . The officials must check who the person is because 12 500 is not an ordianry sum of money .

They damage to common man has been High , Wish these things are prevented . 

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