Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fall of an Empire ?

Well the Aussie empire has finally fallen down . With South Africa's 9 wicket win it seems that the decline of Aussie empire has begun.

The might world champions get's a good slap in there arrogant face after South Africa did what India was close to achieve , had it not been to some wonderful umpiring. But the biggest question is how they went down ?

This can be pointed by first India's tour where i finally saw Aussie's getting All out they never seemed to lose 20 wickets but Indian's proved that they can take all 20 wickets something the whole cricketing world might of noted .

South Africa did what Australia do to other teams , That is ATTACK . Australia play at 4 runs per over that indeed back fired to them as That allowed South Africa time to pace there innings which indeed was less of a factor to what they batted with skill and patience .

Its not always we see a team's bowlers attacking Australian batsman in there own backyard . Dale Steryn is in my opinion the new Allan Donald which has sparked life into there bowling ,

Hats off to South Africa for there wonderful show down Under , :)

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