Saturday, December 13, 2008


Rejection is one big thing..Sometimes it happens that u r not able to get or feel that the person with whom you are spending time is the MR RIGHT or MISS RIGHT.. and the time you got to know it gets very late…but still people say “ ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE THINGS AROUND YOU”. We should always move on with a positive attitude.

Relationships are one of the most rewarding things on the planet, and equally one of the most frustrating. Relationships are wonderful when things are going great, but they are not always easy. What if you could recapture your ex lover's mind, heart and soul?

Many relationships can be saved. You may find it difficult to believe that almost every break up for whatever reason... infidelity, plain old lost passion, loss of interest, a stolen heart and even the worst situations you can ever imagine have been able to save their relationships and get an ex back. Yes, even being away for years, you can still get back together with an ex girlfriend.

Commitiment is the one of the biggest thing in the relationship. Definitely a girl wants full attention of his partner when she is with him may be the girl is in open relationship but still every girl hope full attention of her partner when they are together. So the two important things for patching up with your girlfriend are giving “proper attention and full commitment”.

Some are the important points to reunite with your girlfriend are:

1.Choclates and flowers are the best things to gift to ur ex girlfriend after your break up.

2. Focus on her when she is around you.

3. Try to feel what your partner feels.

4. Always make a effort to get the relationship back on track.

5. You must deal with her sensitively always.

One basic thing to keep in mind is HOW MUCH U LOVE HER. You have got 1 heart so BE GENTLE WITH IT

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