Friday, December 12, 2008

Minor things :D

WorkPlace Injuries

Sometimes devotion or ignorance leads to things that change our life. We are sometimes so busy we miss things that we should not .

Many of you might have had a workplace injury in your life may be it your fault or someone's other . What was the cause ? Why did it happened ? Could it had been avoided ? Some of these thoughts might still be ringing in your ears .

When we work at our place we generally tend to avoid small things like placement of items . We use items and put them on random places which can lead to people been hurt from that , it seem simple enough but sometimes small things can damage a lot . Funny enough you cant seem to tell everyone around you as it may display a careless image but then again it is painful . I know many of you still may be recalling such incidents .

This begs the question that how can we avoid such things . One must make sure that things that he uses must be kept at the right place and must have a presence of mind to notice what can lead to damage .

Rest , Minor injuries pain a lot , They can be avoided by minor points.

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