Monday, December 15, 2008


From our childhood we plan for our holidays that when we will become this we will go there and all stuffs like this… generally we think or plan out for going abroad places like Malaysia, France, London etc.
If its about roaming or enjoying our holiday in our own country its not a big deal because we know each and every corner of it.. we don’t have to worry about the climate, restaurants, hotels. Food and drink etc. But when we plan for going abroad the first very important thing that someone should worry about is TRAVELLING.
Let’s talk about a vacation holiday in of the very beautiful city in the whole world. The first thing that is already mentioned that is about travelling is a one big thing when we think for going to FRANCE. Budget of travelling to France does not cost much. It’s quite affordable for a person to enjoy his or her vacation there.
Weather can be crucial to planning a France vacation. One must get a detailed data about the weather before plan out. For instance, find out whether Paris really is so rainy, or if Nice is so sunny, or just how much snow to expect. Always try to avoid rainy season because it becomes very clinging roaming in the city in rainy season.
The best thing to do is to consult a France travel planner. They help a person to know where and when to go, where to stay, France’s culture, getting around the France etc. In all investing some money in travel planner for your trip is not at all wasted as you get to know each n every thing step by step easily.
If we talk about France restaurants, cafes and directly on other things the one different thing that can be seen here is the charging of more 15% service charge on your check and this is governed by the French law. This is required by French law as tips are assessed for taxation purposes.
Something interesting if we talk about france is the yummy coffees of there, but what’s interesting here? French cafes serves the best coffee in the world, we all have our own preferences and choices in drinks but language is a big barrier and may be we wont get a coffee of our choice. Now see how to pronounce words lets take some examples Café (kuh-fay), Café au lait (kuh-fay oh-lay), Café crème (kuh-fay khremm), Café Léger (kuh-fay lay-zjay) etc. So don’t forget how to pronounce the coffee’s name before ordering.
Before going to France find out about their customs, weather, currency and all.
There are some online websites which helps you to learn the basics about France. You can be saved from stress and headache. Its not that easy to plan a holiday in France but its worth.
Using a toilet may sound like the simplest of tasks, but if you aren't used to France's plumbing it can be daunting. Find out how to flush, how much it will cost you and other secrets to using the restroom.
These were some of the basic things one should plan out before moving out to France or anywhere around the world. Always remember one thing when you go out for a vacation holiday leave all your tensions in your hometown only before moving.

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