Thursday, January 01, 2009


Walking has its own delight. Sadly in India walking is associated with deprivation and poverty. “If you have car, why walk?” asked the professor, revving up his Fiat for few meters from his house to college building. Pavements and pedestrians get second class treatment’. I think people don’t understand the delights and usefulness of walking.

Walking is such an exercise that it keeps one physically and mentally fit. Its usefulness is thus very much great. However, walking is sadly associated with deprivation and poverty in this age of showmanship. People want to show off their material comforts but they don’t know a simple life has many advantages. For example, walking tones up the entire body, builds up the muscles and one remains healthy and fresh throughout the day. Also walking leisurely adds to one’s pleasure because eyes get a soothing treat in various forms and things. Revving up in a vehicle leaves many delights both physical and mental. It wouldn’t be off the point to mention here that people’s inclination towards material comforts has made them victim of many diseases like arthritis, joint pain etc. which were unheard of in past. Walking, in fact, is a panacea for many such diseases.

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