Friday, January 16, 2009

Education System : A Mess

With Creepy exams and difficult time , Students suffer the most during there life till 21. A student which undergoes a professional course spends more time giving exam's then actually learning .

Is this the way things are to be done ? One must look at the trauma the students go through . Is it what we actually want our students to be ?

One must access the education system and make it more effective then boring .

My Suggestions :-

1.Emphasis on Subject's related to our Branch .

2. Student oriented methods .

3. The emphasis should be on teaching rather than showing students there superiority .

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2 comments: on "Education System : A Mess"

AnKitA said...

nice article....actually what you write is 110% right!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice piece of writing i agree with u friend!!!

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