Wednesday, January 28, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka

This series of cricket seems more of a formality rather than cricket series. I doubt the intention of series is cricket. Sri Lanka were touring Pakistan and played 3 odi's there , now they are coming back to there own country and playing Odi's against India .

This can be seen as a power display from the Indian cricket board to the Pakistan as the amount of country they have over the Sri Lankan board. It seems as if they want to say to them Board is willing to do anything for allowing player to play in the IPL. Leaving such issues aside the Sri Lankan team has performed pretty good as of late and have hammered Pakistan team at there own backyard .

Also the Indian team may be underprepared for this as they had the time of and now suddenly the Sri Lankan Odi’s. I think it is quite unprofessional behavior from the board and the most suffering from this is the ODI team itself. I do not expect them to play half as good as they played against England. I think the board is going too far to display there power.

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