Wednesday, January 28, 2009



* On issue based politics their chemical composition and behavior suddenly changes on addition of a catalyst like some formulae or hidden deals. This also results in spontaneous formation of the products which are in the form of protest, strikes, bandhs etc. performed by the so called leaders or well wishers of the opposing party. Example; the Indonesia U.S. Nuclear deal.

*The political parties have perfected the art of chemical bond formation. Some of the political leaders act as free electrons and make sure that they are always bonded to the power/ chair.

*The basic chemical composition of all the political parties remain the same cutting across party lines when it comes to properties like corruption, nepotism and power sharing.


*The political parties are the masters of number of game. Permutation and combinations are one of their core strengths irrespective of the party to which they belong.

*The most beautiful physical quality of these political parties is their flexibility. They can put any amount of pressure for fulfilling their vested interests and bend any rule even beyond the elastic limits for their own benefits.

*The stress-strain curve of these political parties behaves impractically and resembles the well known Hindi proverb "PAL MEIN TOLA PAL MEIN MASHA".

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