Sunday, January 25, 2009

The " Legendary ' Joker

Some roles we connect to our lifes and we seem to then analyize are they true ? If they turn out true we can thats one good role but that may or may not associate with the role of "Joker"

If you have seen the Movie " The dark Knight" then You must be knowing the fact that how the film had too big characters and both were loved by everyone . Its not everyday that a Film has both characters loved by everyone . This in turn is one of the films Which can be said as a Film which makes you speel bound.

The character Of Late Heath Ledger was just nothing sort of 'Unbelieaveable' , The man just lith up every one of the people that saw the film which makes him nothing short of legend in my eyes . The self esteem the principles of living his life and they way he carried himself was just wonderful.

Its a film which is a wonderfull entertainment and is just marvellous . I think one must watch the movie in threaters and if you have not done that buy the original print as the money you will spend is worth the effort .

The role has been recognized by all and has earned him the nomination in the oscars and he pretty much deserves to win the award . I just want to conclude by saying do watch the film its worth spending every minute and every penny .

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