Friday, January 23, 2009

Modern Technology : Its Blessings

Longetivity and life expectancy of the people will refute the argument that modern living has made us disease prone. Modern living has, on the contrary, proved a boon for the maintenance and of health of all. In past many women used to die during the delivery period; many people and children died for want of medical help. This is not so now. Spread in child care education and better means of modern living has resulted in the sound health of all.

No doubt, life today is fast and competitive. But these are the offsets by comfort which are too many to be counted on the finger tips. Essentially when one feels ease and comfort, one tends to be away from the stresses and strains.

I strongly oppose the view that using various insecticides and aerosols causes lung diseases, dizziness, headache etc. On the contrary, every pack has warning pasted on it. Their proper use, as per these directions, therefore, can check their side effects.

For pollution government is taking the entire necessary required step to seize it. There is a question what for are the police, the drug and the food inspector? They are there to check the quality of everything meant for human use. I also disagree that fast food is a junk food. On the contrary, it is the food prepared most hygienically for fear of prosecution.

There is one more point which I firmly reject is that hospitals and nursing homes are an indication of unhealthy condition of the people. Medical help is now within the reach of all. I strongly feel that modern living has proved a blessing for the sound health of all people.

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1 comments: on "Modern Technology : Its Blessings"

Angie R said...

Our lives have been lengthened by the use of modern medicine and technology. But then, I always question whether we have happier lives as a result of that.

Just a thought. :-) Angie

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