Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paying Post

Hey all of the bloogers have a passion for writing and that passion is what keep us Blogging . Many of you might know or might not know about . It is one of new and has a wonderful format .

Its advantages :-

1. It accepts new blogs which is a good oppourtunity for new bloggers to learn and Earn.

2. We can earn for Cash for our quality.

How it Works :-

A advertiser has a product and he wishes the people to know about that . He choosess to advertise with them, then the bloggers will write reviews about them and tell the world. The more the people that visit the website the better for the Advertiser the better for site and eventually more oppourtunities. If you are willing to give some time and put forward your writing skills into effect this can be a good oppurtunity for you.

Advantage for Advertiser:-

1. You can advertiser all kinds of thinkgs like website , blog , products etc
2. The Cost effectiveness is better than few sites .

How it works for Bloggers :-
1. Submit your blog.
2. Wait for approval
3.Paste the link
4.Open oppurtunities and then sky is the limit

Arent these features enough . Lets go one better :-

advertise on blogs">Affiliate Program"Payperpost also has a affiliate program which earn you a wooping 15$ for each advertiser that creates an advertisement program .

So go ahead and have a view at this wonderful site ..

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2 comments: on "Paying Post"

Jamwes said...

Sounds like a good idea. I may have to check out the web site. Thank you.

Hashan Hazarika said...

good info..thanks for sharing

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