Friday, January 30, 2009

A R Rehman : The Best Ever ?

The Music industry has its own king and the king's name is known as A R Rehman . Many Think Kishore da is the best and may as well be of the generation of 70's and 80's.

In my humble opinion to Late Kishore da i really respect him to what he has sung , Composed and his style was absolutely wonderful . I being from 21 st century still listen to his songs and i pay him the tribute to what he has done for the industry and for the country . Same comes the Category of Lata Mangeshkar , her songs are a tune of magic for people and i also appreciate her efforts towards the country .

But i am too biased for my music hero that is A R Rehman , winning the golden globe is just a recognition to the man who has always given his best to every project he has worked with . With him comes
professionalism and pretty different class . Such has been his input to the industry . I have always said that the man possess talent and class apart from the regular gift he has .

His songs have a signature of what his style is , you listen to a his song and a thought creeps up at your mind that ' Hey that Rehman, Isn't he !' . His identity of singing and composing are a reflection to the work he does .

I read the Mr. Ali Akbar Khan saying that Yes since his award has given the music industry
creditability but that does not make him the best singer and he says the man lack's Divinity. I feel though his thoughts are alway's partial and this is no exception . I honestly feel the grapes are bitter and must be learning some professionalism.

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