Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too Much expectancy from Obama ??

I have heared many people around me cheering for Obama and many leaders that say now America will help there Nation . And its kind of Revolution for many countries.

Since I belong to India , Let me talk through a few points . I think Many People are expecting too much from him . He is First Going to Help America become a better nation . I personally feel his tendency will be more toward hios own country .

Then comes his African connection . Many of us know that the standard of living in many parts of Africa is quite low . He himself comes from Africa so dont be surprised if you see America having a tendency to help african Nations rather than more powerful countries.

What to expect from him ?
I think its too early too expect anything , He will start making policies for forein countries after he does the work he promised all american's . So stop Expecting from Him Leaders and people and start doing your own Work

PS:- These are entirely my views .

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2 comments: on "Too Much expectancy from Obama ??"

Vibhav said...

Atleast we can Expect more from Obama than what we expected from Bush....

Sheila-Army Wife said...

Yes, I agree. I also think America needs to stop adopting children from other countries and start adopting children from our OWN country and stop letting immigrants freely coming to America for awhile, only a few at a time and come the right way. Because, I see that Asians and people from your country are the smart ones, well educated. You all come here and become rich. Americans need to concentrate on Americans.
But that is just my opinion

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