Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In every relationship the most important thing is to show your love and care. Sometimes your words not enough you have to show your love in a different way or more precisely we say in a unique style. The best thing to show your love towards your beloved is "GIFTS". The most common but the best thing for your girlfriend or boyfriend are FLOWERS and CHOCLATES...this is quite common to give someone as gift but i think this is the most suitable gift to show your love. May be some persons don't like that but they are just 1 of 100 people. This was about most common gift.

But there some gifts which are really unique and very romantic. You have to choose different type of gifts according to the occasion and time.

The first most unique gift may be a SCRAP BOOK in which you can paste all his or her likings, her childhood photographs, everything related to your beloved and write small compliments or teasing lines related to that photograph. You can gift scrapbook on birthday or anniversary something that is specifically related to you and your beloved.

The second gift you can go with is writing a poem for your love. Everybody likes if somebody write something for him or her. Your own creation will definitely show your love in a very romantic manner.

The third one is you can gift her any account with many wishes like you can opt for orkut or facebook or some networking sites like this. You can request many users to wish on that account. This will show your love and how much he or she means to you.

The fourth type of gift is if your partner keeps interest in reading books or novels you can gift a very romantic novel. This will show that you know what your beloved likes as well as how romantic you are.

The next gift can be especially for men can be the printed photograph or any message on a mug. Whenever he will have a drink he will remember the all those precious moments spent with you. And for women it can be a engraved crystal. Girls and women really love crystals everybody knows that.

The sixth type of gift is for plant lovers. If your partner is a plant lover that you can gift him or her magical beans which always blossoms. And after a time it gives a message that 'i love you' kind of message.

The seventh option is gifting a canvas in which there is a photograph of both of you that is sketched by someone. This will show your true love. If he or she is art lover then surely s/he will love it.

The next kind of gift which is really unique is you can gift him or her a bed sheet in which there is a boy and a girl printed with a message written that WE ARE CONNECTED.

You can gift a pendant of gold or diamond in which there is written I love you or both of your names or something romantic happened in your life or maybe I love you written in many different languages.

You can gift her or him a bouquet of flowers or chocolates covered with strawberries or any favourite flavour with a really loving and romantic quote in it.

There are many more ways to show your love and one thing is which is really a secret is you automatically gets creative and romantic when you get love of your life.

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