Thursday, January 29, 2009

What do boys and Girls loom for ?

What a girl wants in a boy?

There are two kindaa girls…everybody have their own choices. When the thing is about your partner may be as a boyfriend or a husband there are particularly some characteristics which a girl desire in a boy. The first kind of girls which look for a loving, decent, sophisticated etc boy friend. These kinds of girls generally don't care much about the status and looks. They do care about the nature and how much loving, caring, understanding their boyfriend or husband is. All they want is that they can spend a peaceful and loving life with them.

Second type of girls which want mainly 3 qualities in boys 1st good looks 2ndgood looks 3rd good looks. All they want is this only mainly. The more characteristics they want: status, money, and all other stuff just to show off. The ratio of these kinds of girls is much higher as compared to first one.

What a boy wants in a girl?

Again there are two kind of which really want true love in their life and other one who just want a girlfriend as a status symbol. You will rarely find boys of first category. They just want to make one girlfriend marry them and live happily after. But the other one want a girlfriend for a status symbol among his group, among the people with whom he freaks out in city. They love to roam with their girlfriend and have fun with them. At most they spend 6 to 7 months with them or if they not getting any other girlfriend then for a year you can say.

But this is life my friend. Have fun in this after the age get busy with your work with your future and all the stuff that you don't even get time for yourself.

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5 comments: on "What do boys and Girls loom for ?"

lunaticg said...

true love is hard to seek. I am done with playing with girls.
See you around.

Jeanine said...

Those who only focus on outer appearance and status end up unhappy because looks fade and status can be taken away. It's better to find someone you truly love for who they are.

ViCky said...

I completely agree with you there :)
Guess that analysis is pretty much justified :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

thanks for posting this up! it really helped me :)
you have a nice blog!

tomlopy said...

What about the Cash? That's very important in the whole scheme of things.

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