Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Camps To Tap Creativity

As the dreaded examinations crawl to a halt, students look forward to the mush awaited “creative outlets” the summer camps, to let off stream and spend their holidays. The colors spectrum of summer camp help for 4-5 weeks includes artistic skills such as painting, origami, music, dance, spoken English, computer courses etc. these camps keep the child “fit as the fiddle” by imparting lessons in yoga, cricket and swimming.

With changing time and trends parents have become productivity oriented. They want to tap the potential of their children to the fullest. The summer camps afford an ideal opening for the children to develop their hobbies and talents. The little things that children make and take home give them a sense of achievement and pride when they show to their parents.

Summer camps develop a child’s confidence and ideas. They also promote mutual understanding among teachers and students. This provides a good experience for a better future- a future of confidence.

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