Tuesday, February 10, 2009


No man can become great unless he first adopts a definite aim and sticks to it till he transforms into reality.

Your definite aim in life should be selected with deliberate care, and after it has been selected it should be written out and placed where you will see it at least once a day. The effect of which is to impress this purpose upon your sub conscious mind so strongly that it accepts that purpose as a pattern or a blue print that will eventually dominate your activities in life and lead you step by step, toward the attainment of the object.

With definite chief aim you are like an inter continental missile, whooshing across space at a thousand miles per hour. You know where you want to go. And you are following your trajectory with determination, till contact is made. Till the target is met such a man is unstoppable?

A man with a definite chief aim as a man with a mission and he is not going to rest in peace till his mission is accomplished.

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