Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delhi-6 : My Review

Delhi 6 is a movie featuring Abhiskek Bachan and Sonam Kapoor . Its about the story of the Old Delhi or that part of Delhi where people Know just about everything about the other who live across the street or next to them.

About the movie it has good direction good acting but a poor way of expressing the Good idea it had . The movie dies as it progress and i started to lose intreset after the Intermission . THe director took up an intresting topic but went completely away from the Realities of life to display that Idea.

I felt dissapointed and pathetic when i left the theater . Do post your comments on this movie

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1 comments: on "Delhi-6 : My Review"

Siddharth said...

yea man...disappointing movie...expected a lot....but i was waiting all da time for da movie to get felt like da movie never started...!!
no story...nothing...!!
my rating 1/10..!!

P.S. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is psycho..!

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