Saturday, February 14, 2009

Education For All :)

Have you ever thought that 50% of the world’s illiterates are Indian? Population wise, out of every 20 people in world, there are Indians and of these three, two are illiterate. To be exact the illiteracy rate in India comes down to 64% in which 56% are men and 76% are women. The political party is directly related to the amount of education which, in turn, is a consequence of the level in society structure. Educated mothers have a small family of two healthier children at an average, while the illiterate mothers have six or more children. States with higher literacy rate have a larger proportion of people eligible for voting. Literates have many advantages against the illiterates viz. they can’t be cheated and discriminated against.

Illiteracy is a curse. You can help in removing it by adopting the motto “EDUCATION FOR ALL”. So why tomorrow, why not today? The illiterates are our brothers and sisters too. Join the national literacy mission programme and bring light to those who are in darkness of illiteracy. By doing so, you will contribute much to the welfare and well being of our society and consequently nation will progress.

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