Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am the victim of the world

All people have been victim to this cruel world in one manner or the other. Materialism is in the air that one breathes now, and as a consequence of that an innocents fears his own shadow. In this world, an innocent is a fool. The reason is that he knows that he is being used just to be thrown away when the need is meet. The present human being is just a being without any humanity. But still he provides the service on basis of the moral grounds. You have to admit that you have suffered every moment when you did not want to leave your moral grounds. I don't say that we have turned towards the devil but simply that we have turned away from humanity- in the present context. Where are we going? It is question that may only receive deafening silence as a reply. Whatever be the ideology of today, something surely shouts the fact that in order to survive, one does have to become a part of this world. It may be very painful for any human being to adopt materialism and wear faces, but painful for a 'human being'! it is something that tends to create tremendous anxiety in me to decide whether I really have to become this, or shall I continue being 'human' or to be precise; being the victim of the world

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