Sunday, February 15, 2009

Importance Of Life Planning !!

Life is a precious gift, which is gifted to us by god. We do certain things in life for example think about others, to give and take, studies, relationships, fame, austerity, and so on; but the most important thing in life is 'life planning". Life has different stages- childhood, school life, teenage, adult life and old age. Out of these, teenage is the correct time for life planning. One who thinks only about the present will not have enough time to think of his or her future and will be an out-of-work person and will lead to a totally miserable life. We must start planning and taking deliberate steps right from teenage. Only then we can experience a life full of happiness. So stop thinking only about the present and start thinking about the future.

My point is Do take good care of your life , Its really hard to get it back on track once it does to far away ...

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