Friday, February 27, 2009

Intresting Ways to Enhance Memory

It today’s fast going life due to numerous tensions and stress in life, our memory gets affected. To learn big answers or dates of history, makes studies uninteresting. But dear friends if we use mnemonics (pronounced as ni-mo-nicks) everything becomes easy and more interesting. Memory is an admirable gift of nature by which we recall past things, we embrace present things and we contemplate future things through our likeliness to past things.

The name is derived from Greek goddess of memory ‘Mnemosyne’. You can use the following methods to make studies more interesting and easier.


Just associate the worlds which you want to remember with a word you know it commonly. E.g.: if you want to remember 19471942004 - memorize as 1947, when India became independent. 1949 when the Indian constitution was adopted and 2004 the year when the tsunami hit the coastal regions of India and South East Asian countries.


Items you want to remember them in a physical space in the form of visual images. E.g.: if you want to go for a journey and pack the luggage, you need many things. Start imagining right from the morning when you wake up what all is needed till night. Try to visualize each moment and form a list. The same methods can be used for history and to learn places in geography also.


Several small units are combined to form large chunks. Like a pineapple is cut onto small pieces and then you relish it. In the same manner shorten the answer in small points and then learn those points automatically becomes a chunk i.e. a big answer is formed.


It is more useful to learn chemistry and biology also eg. Color of a rainbow are remembered in this way VIBGYOR – that stands for violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Hope now dates and big answers are not going to haunt you anymore. So enjoy studies with mnemonics.

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