Friday, February 13, 2009


Laser stands for light amplification by simulated emission of radiation. It stands for a device that produces a thin, intense beam of light. This light can burn a hole in a diamond, or carry the signals of many different television pictures at the same time. It was revolutionized its use in medicine, scientific research, communications, industry and military operation.

Laser light has four characteristics which distinguish it from the light of an electric bulb, a lamp or sun. The light of these travels in all directions. But the laser light is directional. It travels only in one direction, in a narrow parallel beam. Secondly, it is coherent, i.e. the light waves are all ‘in step’ with one another. In scientific terms it means that the laser light has one frequency. Thirdly, laser light is only of one color. Fourth, it is very bright. It is so bright that looking at it can damage the eyes. The laser beam cutting sheet metal is of 10000 watts.

Laser light has various uses. Industrial lasers cut teeth in saws, drill eyes in surgical needles etc. Miniature metal parts are welded in electronic equipment by it. A laser beam can be used to melt or cut hard material.

Laser beams are used to guide bombs and artillery shells to their targets in military operations. Current military research is going on to develop high energy laser yp destroy enemy aircraft or missiles.

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