Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lights Out : March 28 2009

Delhi Mumbai join the cause that was started in 2007 by Opera house to turn off the lights for an hour. This cause is done to make people aware to save Earth.

The above picture shows the opera house with and without lights when the campaign was first started . Delhi , Mumbai join 375 cities across the globe to turn off the light at 3 00 GMT . Now the grand total has been upto 377 days and across 74 countries .

You can also contribute to this by spreading awareness and turn off the light for an hour on the day , and can also contribute to the cause that wont hurt your life a bit. Last year 371 cities participated now that has gone to 377.

If you are reading the blog turn off all the lights for an hour on that day and do spread this awareness to all your friends . You can give this much to your Earth which provides you your very own existence .

Cheers , Hope you contribute .

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Anki said...

hey nice way to make the people think about it!

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