Monday, February 02, 2009


Today's most common technology "MOBILE PHONES" also called cell phones. What exactly it is? Mobile phones are the instruments to communicate with the other person far away from your place without the need of any kind of cable as in landline phones. These days' mobile phones are like toys. Each and every kid having it may be the real one or a plastic one toy,

Generally children get mobile in the age of 13-14 years. I don't know what happened to parents these days they just want to be in contact with their child all the time. They have a so called fear for their children and that is the reason why they buy cell phones for them. But they don't know or may be don't wanna know that children especially BOYS misuse it for watching mms or sending adult messages. I don't deny that girls do not see mms or send messages but they do such kind of stuff after an age.

Keeping more than one cell has become trend. It's kind of some fashion like "HOW MANY YOU HAVE". More generally people keep two cell phones so they need two SIM cards. Now as I said it's a fashion having three cell phones is kind of a prestigious thing. They don't look at the other side of the coin that they are just wasting their parent's money. More the phones more the SIM cards more the wastage of money.

Anyways let's not talk more about the darker side of it. Definitely it has many big advantages and that is the reason why mobile phones are so popular. It is really helpful to keep in touch with the other person. Now there are many more features are available like mp3 players, internet, Bluetooth etc. It's like a more compact form of a laptop you can say {just for a temporary use}.

I don't say that "don't buy it or don't give them to your children" but the thing is everything has its time so don't worry much for your child. They know how to carry themselves safely in this crowded world.

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