Sunday, February 01, 2009


In today’s world if someone is a computer lover then 99% he is a gaming lover too (here I am talking for the persons of age 15-25 years). Now-a-days playing the preinstalled games in the computer or laptop is not the first choice of a boy or girl. They want it to be online then may be the game is not worth to play but the title with it i.e. “online” is necessary. Especially it is seen among boys that they are gaming freaks. They spend their days and night playing the online games present on internet. Online gaming has made the business of internet cafes a popular one because its not necessary that all have internet connection at their home.

What makes online games so interesting and exciting? The simple answer for it is that when you play with a virtual thing there is no fun but when you compete with a person then there is an excitement, zeal to win it and this makes the online games very popular as one can play with a person who is sitting far away from his or her place.

Some sites are present which pay for the online games. More the game you play more you can earn. Contests are being held with so many exciting prizes. Sites like indiangamers, zapak etc are the common example for these kind of sites which sponsors prizes for some particular games.

The most common online game is I think COUNTER STRIKE. There are many more games like NFS, FIFA manager, crazy kart, chess, snooker etc.

But even it has its side effects as by playing outdoor games physical exercise is being done but playing online games just makes you fatty and your body unproportionate.

Everybody love playing but if you don’t have a partner to play with you near your place then don’t worry about it, go for online gaming and you will get many people sitting on their computer to play with you.

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5 comments: on "ONLINE GAMING"

Jeanine said...

Online gaming really is big right now. My cousin likes playing and I know a lot of teens are into the challenge. I have never tried it but I can see why people find it so addictive.

Cursed♪♫ said...

I love counter strike. it's like the best game i've played till now :)
But ha, i suck at it :P

zombies! zombies! ZOMBIES! said...

online gaming to really big. but people need to know when to stop and go out for some fresh air. I've started playing world of warcraft but i've only played a couple of times. sure its fun, but i like my social life

TradingBoss said...

my 5 year old child is clever then me when playing PC games

form syawal

Patrice Young said...

I love online gaming. Its a really cool way to connect with other people and playing games has always been a passion of mine. Counter Strike is a really cool game!

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