Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Results : Slumdog Dominate

Slumdog Millionaire has really dominated the Oscars and won a whooping 8 awards . The categories it won the Oscar are :-

1. Best Picture
2. Directing
3. Music (Song)
4. Music (Score)
5. Film Editing
6. Sound Mixing
7. Cinematography
8. Adapted Screenplay

Now that is one heck of a domination with The Dark Knight and The Curious case of Benjamin Button. Its really a recognition of the fact that it was such a wonderful movie . Then again its a shame that a foreign director was able to see such a potencial and not an Indian director .

For the time being all Hail Slumdog Millionaire

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1 comments: on "Oscar Results : Slumdog Dominate"

viyoma said...

Yes, it indeed an Honour for Slumdog...the movie and its entire cast and crew.

Nevermind, Indian DIRECTOR didnt make it, atleast AR Rahman stole the limelight!

Jai Ho!

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