Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rafeal Nadal : Proving His Metal ?

Some said he can win only the 'French open '. Some said he can only play from the baseline. Some said he is not as good as Fedex.

Rafeal Nadal has proven to everybody that He can win the Australian open . With two 5 set game's . One in semi final and one in final he has proven that yes He can be number 1 . The game was just a senstational one with it going down the wire . I had always knew Roger had a extra gear when the game went to fifth set but this match saw a extra gear of nadal when he won the last set 6-2 to win the game.
Nadal climb to the ladder has not been a fairy tail story as he had many critics who said that he was not good enough for the win in the other 3 grandslams. But beating Roger in the Australian open is something which requires talent, ability, hard word.

Rafeal i salute you for the performance in the Australian open . Keep up the work and prove that you are equally as good as Roger :)

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1 comments: on "Rafeal Nadal : Proving His Metal ?"

Lilian said...

Nadal is bull player and a fighter...he is my husband's favorite while mine is Federer...keep checking mine

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