Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The expression "men at war with the mother Earth" could summarize the kind of environment that man has created for himself. It is an environment that is slowly and gradually being depleted of all that nature stands for. Man with his materialistic needs and comforts, his greed in the name of scientific progress, has constantly and steadily knocked down millions of trees, polluted the water of the river and seas, and polluted the very air we breathe with hazardous wastes. We are lucky that mankind has in some ways, now awakened to the reality of the situation and is learning to care for the environment to make it safer place for future generation.

Plastic bags and other packaging material are seen littering the countryside. Numerous animals' deaths due to consumption of plastic materials and choking of drains chains are some of the hazards associated with improper disposal of plastic waste. The polythene cannot be decomposed and it keeps on killing nature.

Our each and every step towards protecting the endangered environment is valuable. It's not about reaching the finishing line; it's all about discovering new starting points.

Let us all pledge to day to take a careful look at the ill-effects that our day to day actions have on our environment, and not to make this planet a scrap heap.

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