Friday, February 20, 2009

Saving Water

Water is must

When we wish to burn our thirst.

It is precious treasure

Which now a days need a treasure

It is slowly getting lost

But it cannot be bought in any cost

The thing is to conserve it

So we all must try to preserve it

It is present in rivers, seas and oceans

But still we need to take some precautions

It cures diseases like dehydration

That’s why it is necessary for each and every person

The name of this important mineral is water

This burns our thirst and fills up with laughter.

Water is a source of life. We have life on earth because of the presence of water. Every drop is precious. Therefore, even nature has a water cycle. On world water day, there is an urgent need to assess the reasons for the accurate water shortage. Every summer, the nation has to face a water crisis. Due to the sinking water table, the fields are parched. People undergo great hardships when the water taps run for only half an hour a day.

We must determine ways to conserve water. We must harvest water and store it in ponds, tanks and aquifers. Everyone must use water in a disciplined way. Turn off the taps while brushing and shaving. Try and use less water than required. Do not water lawns and gardens in the summer months so much. If the situation permits try to use sprinkler system.

Let us celebrate life by conserving water. Just as the ocean is made up of myriads of drops of water we can overcome this grave situation for our comfort and need drop by drop

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