Thursday, February 26, 2009

How To Take A PC on Remote

Well if you have a friend who lives in a different city and he has problems in his computer and you want to access his PC then this is for You.

This guide will help you take a PC on remote for FREE.

Step 1 :-

Download the Software Team Viewer 3

Step 2 :-

Install the Softwares doing next next . Its no complicated install .

If it asks for password enter any password like 1234.abcd.

Step 3 Open team Viewer and a screen like below will appear

Step 4 Tell your Partner to give his id and password .

Step 5 Enter his id and click Connect

Step 6 You now have to enter password and you will be able to connect to your friends PC !

Hope you Got this !!

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1 comments: on "How To Take A PC on Remote"

lunaticg said...

Not everyone knew how to do this. thank you for sharing my friend.

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