Thursday, February 12, 2009

Team India

When team India Went To Sri Lanka , Few might of expected what they had achieved . Is this over achievement or results of combination of things going right ?

In my opinion , it is a mixture of quite a few things . They are :-

1. The Correct Combination of Senior and Junior players or should we say the Combination of Youth and Experience .
2. The Smart Leadership of M S Dhoni.
3. The concept of Bowling Coach, Fielding Coach and a senior coach .. Now the head coach does not have to teach Irfhan Pathan how to swing the bowl . lol
4. The absence of players only from the big cities . This has been a big reason to which the rotation policy has some about and players having more Fitness . Zaheer Khan being an example.

We can Finally say that Team India is indeed living up-to its potential . But there is a long way to go when it comes to being the best . India showed the world how to beat Australia and South Africa did . Now the test is against the Kiwis who are brilliant in there own Backyard. :)

Till then Hail Team India :)

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