Saturday, February 07, 2009


It is the age of globalization. The world has shrunk to a global village; western culture is now dominating the cultural scenario of the civilized world. Youngsters of today like fun, enjoyment and adventures. Material things and materialistic culture have become a fascination for youth. The younger generation of our country is indifferent to the great cultural heritage of our country. It sometimes defies and makes mockery of traditions, old ideas and ideals.

Youngsters have become narrow minded. Their thinking has been confined to branded clothes and accessories. Today, everyone needs pepe jeans, a pair of ray ban or fastrack goggles, nike shoes, Armani shirts etc. they live in a world, which is temporary and can't provide peace and satisfaction. Boys and girls in schools know little about Pandit Ravi Shankar but they know the biography of musician and pop stars like Micheal Jackson and Madonna. They dance only to the tunes of western pop stars and imitate their style. All the so called "modern" activities are actually an evidence of growing cultural crisis among youngsters of India. They are not exposed to spiritual and lasting values of Indian culture. We should develop confidence and pride in our own culture.

It is we who have to take the lead to make others follow us. Indian culture and ethics have to be inculcated in today's youth to have a better tomorrow.

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Vinay Rai said...

Its not true my friend. what you are talking about don't even make 10% of the total youth .Remember still today 70% of country's population lives in villages.

ViCky said...

The article was light hearted . I know about the Harsh realities but i was only targeting the metro audience .

Thanks for comment mate :)

Anonymous said...

yup exactly the article is targeting to metro people

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