Friday, March 20, 2009

Artificial Intelligence : Will it ever become a reality ?

What is Artificial Intelligence ? . John McCarthy described it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines in 1956

In more easier words Machines with Brain is a simple way of Describing the term . We have been thinking about this technology now for years and it never seem to make sense . How can a machine with Fixed dynamics can respond to a situation with Human Dynamics . I think what a Human mind goes through in a situation can not be put to a mathematical equation.

I Still doubt the credibility of this technology as it has never seemed to pass the first test of law of dynamics of Human Mind . I really think something remarkable has to happen if this technology has to effect the life of a common man .

But we must also take the thing into consideration that Mobile phones was never thought of in 1950's and that technology is now something we use daily . I think we must never underestimate the power of technology as it may come out with something far more better and realistic than this . Till then we have the control over our lives and we must continue to do so .

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