Sunday, March 29, 2009

Counter Strike : More than a Game

Are you addicted to Counter Striker or one of your friend is ? You just can not understand why does he stick his eyes to the Computer screen for the whole day ?

Well to have a answer to these questions for someone who does not play the game is next to impossible . It takes a lot to know and realize that Counter Striker is not just another multiplayer game .

If you are addicted to the Game then you must know the power it has to bind you and connect you to your Lan Mates to pratice harder and harder to play better . How you are always keen to play more and to compete with others.

It has a special power of binding individuals . This game may evoke violence but in reality it hardly does . One realizes that he can not be best in the country until he has 4 good members to play with .

The game itself bounds friends and gets the best out of the other . It breaks relationships too but then again the positive side is what we should reflect upon.

Cheers to CS and its pros :)

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