Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Crickets Lucky Escape !

What happened on 3rd march is not what every Cricket fan would not like to see hear and talk . Its something nobody wants to happen and must never happen .

Its a absolute disgrace to the game what happened to the Sri Lankan team as they were attacked by 10 + gunmen . 6 policemen are dead and 6 Sri Lankan Players were injured as the gunman surrounded the team bus and started firing . Two Sri Lankan players had major injuries but the team must be happy to see themselves alive .

Pakistan said that the Visiting team are safe and now Begs the question that that the Game should be banned from the country who can not protect its visitors . I also wish to say that instead of blaming others and comparing the attack to mumbai , they must say that Security was always a issue when teams from other countries come to play and protecting them is important and in mumbai what happened was nobody imagined . So Pakistan should stop blaming others and start to accept responsibility .

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