Saturday, March 07, 2009

Good Old School Days

Many of Our returning Seniors in our School use to say that You will be missing your School life once you come in college . We never took them seriously and we always use to say new friends New life.

Now i wonder how correct they were and how good were those days when every morning all we had to think was how to enjoy the day . In this world of complicated relationship's and complicated life , School Life seemed so easy so good and so Fun. We always use to cherish every day of your school life without any worry or tension . How the friendship seemed to be true , so pure and so good . We all felt that College will give us that freedom and that sense of being an adult but being at this stage we all miss that stage .

In my personal opinion , I miss that life but i am ready to accept that it was past and not we must look to enjoy out present and work towards a better future . No doubt that life was good but then again . Time moves on :)

Cheers to Childhood :)

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