Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Importance of School and Education

What is the importance of going to school?” this is the question that most children ask. If there would be no school nobody would be able to read or write. A school is like a second home where children are educated and prepared for the big world. “Silver and Gold may fade away, but good education will never decay”.

I truly agree with these lines, for money and gold are not everlasting. A man without education is like a tree without leaves, he misses out on the advantages and enjoyments of life like reading a book or enjoying a play. An uneducated person often finds himself in embarrassing situations- for instance when someone asks him to read something and he cannot. Some people finish high school, throw in the towel on academics, go for life in the fast lane.

Education is really necessary if you want to make something good out of yourself. Not all of us are lucky! Success and education go hand in hand, and the best place to start getting a good education is in school. Home is where you live, but school is where you spend the most important hours of your day, learning to battle with the world and to adapt yourself to different situations. This is a place where you make some lifelong friends. Let’s face it, going to school is no catwalk; the hours of studying involved are really head breaking, but either way nothing comes easily. It only seems so when you have finally made it on the top.

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