Sunday, March 22, 2009

IPL or Elections ?

Would you like to watch Cricket in the most entertaining format or would like to concentrate on the much more important agenda for the country that is the the Elections.

With dates clashing we have a look at what is important and what is not !

With the recent news of shifting the IPL to another country it becomes imminent that BCCI can not cancel the event due to its large money making machine and the Elections can not be compromised in the Country .

Ques :- Does the Country can not do both ?
In my opinion if BCCI says it can not arrange security for players then it is bonkers in my opinion. How can the biggest event in a cricket this year who has tons of sponsors , Money , Celebrities can not arrange enough people to secure players . This seems quite a sad excuse to me.

Ques :- Is it that important that it has to be done ?
I Also think the knockout version would of been much more a realistic possibility then shifting it to another country as IPL stands for Indian Premier League . Then again is it so important that It has to be done ?

In the end i would like to say that the Mess could of been sorted in a better way.

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4 comments: on "IPL or Elections ?"

Ritesh Kawadkar said...

i disagree with you, If you look at the current scenario in India, Government itself is not able to provide us a safe sleep, than how come you blame a small (in respect to Govt) Organization for not providing security. And also remember the fact that IPL matches are not going to play in a particular stadium or in a particular state, under these circumstances support of Govt. is must.

ViCky said...

I think with the organization having million at there disposal it should not be a problem . With private security agencies willing to work for them it must not be a big deal .Its just that Govt. aint wanna do this .

AnKitA said...

shifting the IPL to south africa is really a bad decision..IPL was decided before the elections so according to me elections could have been shifted in mid of may
this is really bad that INDIAN P.L. is gonna conducted in another country!`

ViCky said...

I think you are forgetting the fact that Elections are more important or IPL or any other event for that Matter . Blame BCCI not Election Commission.

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