Friday, March 06, 2009

Journey Of Life

If you imagine, life will seem to be like a road! You start the journey with the hope that you will complete your journey successfully, not knowing about the obstacles you will face. Eventually , as you move on and start imagining your destination, the way appears.

Moving on, there are smooth roads (the good time of life) and there are bumpy roads(the bad times of life). There are twists and turns that change the track of your life. Then, while you are moving smoothly at a nice speed, the speed breakers and red lights of relationships and responsibilities stops you.

To keep moving on, you need fuel i.e. support that will be provided by petrol pumps i.e. your family and friends that you meet on your way. GOD also gives us signals, where to turn and where not to turn by showing signs at the roadsides.

If you stick on your way, without losing hope and encouragement, you will somehow reach your destination. In the end, you will have the satisfaction of reaching your goal, and the memories of the people you met on your way.

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