Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Madhya Pradesh : A Distinct Beauty

Kashmir and other Indian enclaves are beautiful,

But Madhya Pradesh mapped in the heart of India is much more.

With agrarian, industrial and mineral resources full.

Incomparable in museum and monuments, arts and folks lore

Here Vedic and Islamic cultures blend and shine,

Oh God! Bestow love and blessings on dear land of mine.

Malwa region enjoys balmy breeze at night,

Panoramic view of Bhopal Lake is soothing sight,

Sanchi stupas, Bhojpur temple, Ujjain shrine,

Are international tourist spots, famous and fine.

Gwalior houses ancient, dance and art,

History is mirrored in royal palaces of this part,

Bastar embeds millions worth mineral wealth,

Panchmarhi is renowned resort for health

Bundelkhand is beheld as a region most backward,

But diamond and bauxite mine turn this term absurd,

Chhatisgarh endowed with rich rice fields in an unending chain,

Khajurao represents the history of Chandela’s reign.

Politicians and bureaucrats corrupt and vile,

Clicked no production from mines and soil fertile,

50 years long home rule gave little amelioration,

To Adivasis, employees and victims of exploitation.

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