Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper : A new look

Paper takes its name from ‘papyrus’ a reed like plant that the ancient Egyptians used to make the first ever writing material. Today most paper is made from the pulped wood of trees. Paper has played an influential role in spreading knowledge over ages, and even in today’s comp based world more paper is being consumed than even before. A forest region covering about 450000 sq km, equivalent to the size of Sweden, needs to be filled each year to support the worlds consumption of paper.

Watermarked paper:- when some types of paper are held up to the light, a translucent pattern or wording may be seen. The watermark signifies quality paper. The marked is pressed into the paper by wire roller on the paper making machine.

Recycling paper:- paper was the first material to be recycled on a large scale. Recycling helps save resources by reducing number of trees that are filled each year, and some of the chemicals needed in paper making.

Photo Credit :- Google Search

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