Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Prestige : Obsession or Passion

The prestige is a movie which can let you defy what is passion for your own's work ? It was something as one must learn how to be the best BUT

One must learn from the movie how to be a perfectionist and not over perfectionist . It was quite a truthful experience the movie gave me about how to be the best in what you do but that must not come at the cost of your own life your own morals and your own self . One must be really involved in the work he does but must not really forget that he has alive apart from his own work.

Also , True friends are hard to come by and we must keep hold of them as the passion for being the best must not hamper your relationship with them . Obsession is something good when you have not achieved anything but after some time it must cooled down to make it work with you rather then against you .

A truly wonder movie and a lot to learn from it .

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