Monday, March 09, 2009

Save Animal Kingdom

Never ever throw the food stuff tied in plastic bags. It is becoming a habit to put the leftover food in plastic bags and then throw them in dustbins. Please don’t do it.

Plastic kills, especially cows do not have nails or teeth to tear the bag so they swallow the bag to get the food. The plastic cannot be digested or passed out. It accumulates and bloats inside the body. Finally, the animal dies a slow and agonizing death.

Once a cow died and autopsy was done, 55kg of plastic was taken out of her stomach. Apart from plastic, other things like rope, rubber and metals were found in its stomach.
So friends, please don’t use plastic bags. Try to avoid as much as you can..this is harmful for us as well not only to animals.

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1 comments: on "Save Animal Kingdom"

Ritesh Kawadkar said...

oh i feel sorry for those poor animals. Well from today onwards i am not going to through waste in plastic

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