Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save Water this Holi

Happy Holi to all of you :) . May you have all the colors in your life in this festival . But...

Make Sure the Holi you play uses less or virtually no amount of water . My own City Bhopal has had a dramatic decline of water fall . I would also like you to not play this holi year and play Tilak Holi . By doing such a way you can save huge amount of water and that will help us have more water over the summer for more important daily purposes.

I will really appreciate you to contribute with me and not play Holi with water . It makes sense that saving Water will make more sense for the future then to have this one day fun . Make some use of the Education we have been provided with . Make awareness and make your friends also not waste water this holi.

Cheers and enjoy this festival of colors . Have a happy and Prosperous Holi :)

Image Credit : - amreekandesi

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2 comments: on "Save Water this Holi"

Ritesh Kawadkar said...

Tilak holi its a good initiative, but for the first time i am not going to play holi w/o water, to contribute for my yours and ofcourse my futre

ViCky said...

Nice work you are doing mate . You have realized that it will be us who will suffer.

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