Friday, March 13, 2009

The Value Of Discipline

When a child is born in the family, every one prays for him to become an ideal man in his life. Basically for this he is sent to reputed school. The main aim behind this is to make him a mannered and a disciplined person. Here starts the student’s life.

The students play a vital role in society. It has always been recognized as a great force. The students are our future generation. They are young and energetic but in modern days we find that they have become an object of criticism. Teachers accuse them for want of respect. Parents are displeased with them because they do not do well in their exams and instead waste their time, money and energy in undesirable activities.

Why are the students so undisciplined? If we are able to answer this question we can find the solutions to this problem successfully. The greatest cause of unrest among students is our defective educational system.

Under the present educational system no attention is given to the study of modern values. No effect or care is taken for formation of character of students. Too much attention is given in providing them bookish knowledge. There is a lack of vocational, professional and technical training which is the greatest cause of problem of indiscipline.

The population is increasing rapidly. The result is that the number of students in each class and section has increased beyond its limit. On account of overcrowding, the teacher is unable to give personal attention to every student. This frustration ultimately leads to indiscipline.

New educational system should be introduced. Students must be imparted moral education. They must learn how to become noble human beings. If they are not taught well, they are likely to fail in discharging their duties towards their motherland. As the future of our country depends largely on the student’s community, it’s our duty to guide them on the correct path.
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