Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The biggest ecological units are biomes such as deserts, rain forests, and lakes across which similar climatic and other conditions create similar ecosystems. The plants and animals may differ across a biome, but they make up some sort of communities with the same ecological features.

SEASHORES:- Battered by waves and flooded by tides, seashores have few plants other than seawards. Animals include shellfish, rock pool fish and wading birds.

RAINFORESTS:- In hot, humid climates develop that are tomes to a huge variety of animal life. Tropical rainforests cover only 10% of the Earth’s land surface but contain more than half of all animal and plant species.

GRASSLAND:- Grassland is normal in places where there is a long dry reason. It can support lot of grazing animals; some preyed on by swift running predators. The savannah of East Africa is one of the best known areas of Grassland.

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